What is The Observationist?

Communication and relationships are the core elements of success in business and in life. Observation is critical to communication. Observation is about how one communicates; how they see what is being said to them and the ability to understand nonverbal communication as well. Through demonstrations and presentations tailored to your audience, to deliver your message, The Observationist experience is Entertainment, Education and Enlightenment – using magic, mentalism and even a bit of hypnosis, enabling you to see what people miss every day. The things, that are, in fact, right in front of your eyes.

What People are Saying​...

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David Reich, as The Observationist, will amaze and delight your audience through performance, information, audience participation and yes, even a little sharing of secrets (shhh….). David speaks and performs in venues ranging from private gatherings, recognition and sales events, academic, corporate and executive training for notables such as IBM, to even the Hallowed Halls of Harvard. 


Engagement is the emotional commitment team members have to each other and their goals. The most important elements for everyone are to be Heard, Understood and Valued. Shared vision and support drive innovation, creativity and resiliency through inevitable changes of any project. Interactive demonstrations and participation show how teams pull together to build creative and effective solutions to life and business challenges. At the end of this session, the resulting high-functioning teams can see the opportunity in challenges and make make possible what was once thought impossible. Like Magic!


" The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.” - Sherlock Holmes

Communication is likely the most misunderstood art. No matter who you are or what you do, you are selling and being sold to. From actual selling, job interviews, business or technical presentations, 1:1 or team meetings, everyone has a story to tell. Participants will learn storytelling for impact. It's much more than presentation. Crafting compelling stories that grab and hold peoples' attention crucial to success as a communicator. Using techniques of magicians and mentalists, these concepts demonstrate sensory awareness and observation. Participants will have a new understanding of people and communication.


The Observationist generates awesome audience engagement, energizing crowds tailored to the theme of your event. We are experienced in product announcements, group meetings, conference stages, hospitality suites, sales events and more. From the living room, to the conference hall, to the board room, your guests will have captivating experiences that keeps them talking about you and their shared experience!


"Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile." - Vince Lombardi

Leaders energize and motivate others and inspire a shared vision. Eminence is about the presence to communicate on an emotional level. These sessions explore how leadership differs from management and uses powerful self-awareness of physical and virtual presence techniques to build leadership and eminence. Speaking with confidence is a skill.

Through directive coaching, participants will learn techniques to effectively deliver messages and inspire confidence, motivate to action, and maximize positive impact on people and on an organization.


Whatever your venue, The Observationist will leave your guests wondering what they’ve been seeing, but missing!

Through wonder, astonishment and laughter, you will witness the impossible, and learn how to perform some of these demonstrations of observation yourself. An hour+ of entertainment will be an experience you’ll never forget!


Custom engagements with The Observationist deliver targeted research and presentations from leadership development, sales training, marketing and executive presence to motivational talks. The Observationist is more than a lecture and more than a show. It is set of ideas and concepts designed to entertain, educate and enlighten.

We're happy to work with you to tailor any set of topics or messages you'd like. Our job is to cater to your audience.

The Observationist

Need an MC for your next event?  A keynote?  Team building or storytelling skills development? It is all of these and more. The Observationist experience is tailored to your audience.

The Observationist is Entertainment, Education and Enlightenment – enabling you to see what people miss every day. 

Just a few of our partners...

“David engaged the audience in mind boggling demonstrations and they insisted that they were not magic but rather ways of observing the world differently and picking up on cues from information right in front of us”

“Definitely a unique course! A facepalm after we see just what we miss! Like David said, these days we pay less attention to more things… A fun new way to learn!”
Harvard Psychology Class (Birthplace of The Observationist)

“Dave’s “The Observationist” puts a unique and refreshing perspective on using the art to really see beyond what just our eyes tell us.”

“As a sales leader, communication and awareness are critical. David’s presentation opened up new avenues of awareness in dealings with customers”

“Magic in Business and Life” for CIC Boston’s Virtual Arts Week was truly a delight! Dave engaged our audience with participation and immersive showmanship, and he demonstrated techniques for improving memory and communication through magic and mentalism. His anecdotes were hilarious, and his vibrant storytelling really illustrated the concepts he conveyed. Can’t wait till we can work with Dave again!"

“Dave’s guidance was invaluable to me in organizing TedX Chichester, and as The Observationist, captivated the audience, garnering rave reviews. Thanks Dave!”

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