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The Observationist is Entertainment, Education and Enlightenment – enabling you to see what people miss every day. Things, that are, in fact, right in front of their eyes. Your audiences will see just how much people miss every day. Observe us carefully. You never know what you might find…




With the inimitable Penn Jillette

Gotta love a wedding photobooth!

Meeting one of the all-time icons of magic - Mark Wilson and the lovely Nani Darnell!

A true genius of magic - Teller!

Lunch with one of my heroes of magic - a man who gave me my start at 12 years old - Harry Lorayne!

With Carisa Hendrix at the Boston Magic Lab

Headlining at The Boston Magic Lab

With Paul Gertner - multitime Penn and Teller Fooler!

Headlining at The Boston Magic Lab

With David Blaine

My biggest audience ever - okay, I performed close-up for people here... Tanglewood Music Center, NY

Hangin' with The Mentalist - Gerry McCambridge at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

Magic in Business and in Life Lecture

Joshua Jay - an awesome friend!


IBM Research HQ

Chichester, UK

Just some casual foolin' around

Just some casual foolin' around