An experience tailored to YOUR audience

We practice what we teach, and in collaboration with YOU, every experience we deliver is tailored to your specific theses, messages or needs.

Engaging Audience Participation

Many presentations are just that; presentations. When you engage us, it’s all about YOU. Demonstrations and interactive participation are all part of your experience. In many interactive sessions, people are often afraid to volunteer – they just don’t know what to expect. With us, people eagerly jump up to be part of the action exactly because they feel safe in exploring human perception from a different perspective. 

The day of your event

Expect an early arrival, with as much or as little preshow interaction with your guests as you like. You can rest easy and focus on your event as David takes care of everything well before the big day.  All logistics, equipment, sound, lighting, even down to the sketch pads and markers are all in place and you can just back and enjoy.

Booking is Easy

A small deposit reserves your date and the process begins to develop YOUR experience. Full performer insurance is carried (and has never been needed!) Minimal venue preparation is needed and we coordinate everything needed to completely delight your audience.

Just use the contact information below to begin your journey to an awesome event!

Use the link below to for information, booking, media inquiries or just to chat: